Framework of the diploma work with “Foreign Archeology” and also the company of finishing the program work

Typical framework of a program work with international archeology

Program work should always be printed in conformity with all the program, have actually a natural inner unity, rigid reasoning of presentation, and completeness that is semantic of the disclosure of this topic under research. The dwelling associated with program work includes:

1. Introduction

2. principal chapters

3. Conclusion (conclusions and recommendations)

4. References

5. Application (maps, tables, extracts from papers, reproductions, maps, listings of abbreviations, etc.)

1. Introduction. It warrants the decision of problem, coursework and research subjects, the amount of elaboration in historic technology, conformity with contemporary needs. It substantiates the relevance associated with topic, contends the necessity for its study, methodological fundamentals, base, re re sources of product, historiographic evaluation. (daha&helliip;)